LA Kings Royal Rewards

Welcome to our fan loyalty program designed to reward you for your continued support of the LA Kings. We aim to provide you with access to unique experiences, memorabilia, and more in return for simply interacting with our team through a variety of ways.


Q: How do I log in/register?

A: Full Season Ticket Members, Half Season Ticket Members, 10-Game Plan Members & Group Leaders are already registered and involved. All you need to do is simply log in to Royal Rewards using the same login information that you use to access your LA Kings MyAccount.

Wait List Members will automatically be registered at the time of purchase and will receive an email with instructions on how to create their password.

Non-Season Ticket Members will need to create a new account by simply clicking “Sign up” on the home page.

Q: What are Royal Rewards points and how are they awarded?

A: Royal Rewards points are similar to points in most programs. You will score points that you will be able to redeem for rewards.

- Tickets: Score 5 points for every dollar paid on regular season tickets.
- Attendance: For select games, you will score 15, 40 or 75 bonus points for each ticket in attendance.
- Early Attendance: For every ticket on your account that arrives prior to 1 hour before scheduled start, you will score 25 points.
- Social Media: You can score points by liking/following and interacting with the LA Kings on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Please read the specific social media FAQs for more information.
- Other: More ways of scoring points will be announced throughout the season.

Q: Which games do I score points for attending? (and how many points will I earn?)

A: For a complete points by game list, please click here.

Q: Do my points expire?

A: Royal Rewards points will only expire if your account is inactive for a consecutive 12 month period. To remain active, all you need to do is log in to your account.

Q: Can I share my Royal Rewards points with others?

A: No, Royal Rewards points are non-transferable.

Q: How will I receive my redeemed items?

A: Most memorabilia will be mailed to the address on your account. Please make sure to fill this out once you sign-up. Redemption of experiences and other select memorabilia will take place at STAPLES Center, as noted in the reward(s).

Q: What are auctions?

A: Royal Rewards auctions are a way for members to bid against each other to win select LA Kings memorabilia and experiences. To browse the available auctions, simply click on “Auctions within the rewards catalog. You will be able to place a bid and check bidding activity.

Q: What happens if I bid in the auction and I do NOT win the item?

A: If you are outbid, you will receive an email letting you know that you were outbid. You will not lose points if you have been outbid. Your Royal Rewards points will be available for you to use to place a bid on another item.

Q: What are the sweepstakes?

A: Royal Rewards sweepstakes are a way for any program member to use their points to enter for a chance to win the designated sweepstakes item. Members can enter the sweepstakes as many times as they’d like, but points redeemed on sweepstakes are not refundable. One name will be drawn randomly from all entrants and the likelihood of winning is dependent upon the number of entrants.

Each sweepstakes will have its own terms and conditions and can be viewed on the sweepstakes.

Q: Do I have to link my social media account(s) to Royal Rewards?

A: No, you do not have to link your accounts to Royal Rewards. But, in order to receive bonus points for social media activities, your accounts must be linked.

You will be able to score points for social media activities such as following our Twitter pages, using pre-determined hash-tags or checking in at LA Kings events. Once connected, we will automatically be able to reward points for social media activities.

Q: How do I score points using Facebook?

A: There are a few methods to score points through Facebook.
1) You’ll score 100 points for connecting your Facebook account.
2) You’ll score 75 points for liking the official LA Kings Facebook page, if connected.

If you unlink your accounts at any time, the points will be deducted from your account.

Q: How do I score points using Twitter?

A: There are a few methods to score points through Twitter.
1) You’ll score 100 points for connecting your Twitter account.
2) You’ll score 75 points for following @LAKingsRewards, if connected
3) You’ll score 50 points for each of the following: @LAKings, @LAKingsinsider, @STAPLESCenter, @LAKingsCare, @LAKingsService, @LAKingsPR, @OntarioReign, @BaileyLAKings, @LAKingsIceCrew, if connected.
4) You’ll score 10 points per retweet of an @LAKings Tweet (Limit 1 per day), if connected.
5) You’ll score 5 points per tweet using the following hashtags (Limit 1 per hour), if connected: #lakings, #weareallkings, #waak, #gokingsgo, #gkg

Q: How do I score points using Instagram?

A: There are a few methods to score points through Instagram.
1) You’ll score 100 points for connecting your Instagram account
2) You’ll score 50 points for following our official Instagram Page, if connected
3) You’ll score 10 points for posting a picture using the following hashtags (Limit 1 per day), if connected: #lakings, #weareallkings, #waak, #gokingsgo, #gkg

Q: What happens if I am not available on the date of an experience I have selected or won in an auction?

A: If you cannot make it on the selected date, please email to help set up transfer of that reward. We must have notice at least 24 hours prior to redemption of the reward. Unfortunately, the rewards are non-refundable. You may consider giving the reward to a family member, friend or colleague who can attend on your behalf.

Q: Can I redeem my reward points for cash?

A: No, points can only be used on items available in the rewards catalog.

Q: Can I use my Royal Rewards goals at STAPLES Center?

A: No, points are not redeemable on site, nor can they be used to purchase anything at STAPLES Center. However, some merchandise items may be picked up or experiences may take place at specific games. Check the rewards catalog for details or contact us at with questions.

Q: Will I receive emails on special offers or promotions?

A: Yes, Royal Rewards Members will receive special offers and promotions via email.

Q: Where can I find the Terms and Conditions of Royal Rewards?

A: Terms and Conditions can be found here.